The Best Halloumi Fries Recipe

The Best Halloumi Fries Recipe

Spending time with your kids will be perfect when you add the best Halloumi fries! It's all healthy and tasty snacks that will let you forget the chips and sweet potato fries. Prepare it with quick and easy steps, and let your kids ask for more! Our halloumi fries recipe will be a hit and this is how you make it.

Prep Time

15 Minutes


Middle Eastern




Whether you are planning the snacks of your kids for afternoon movie bonding or you want some side dish on your classic curry meal, then we have something for you to try out! Made with the soft and delicious cheese in the inside with the added paprika and halloumi fries.

Halloumi is an unripened, semi-hard and brined cheese that’s made from the mixture of sheep and goat’s milk. Some variant is also made of cow’s milk. It’s known to many as a grilling cheese and traditionally prepared in the Greek island of Cyprus.

Shallow-fried the halloumi with salt, za’tar and prepare a spicy yogurt for dipping, then you have a quick snack for everyone. You may want to try it out with grilled fish, salads and burgers as well.

Halloumi Fries

Shopping List

75g plain flour

2 packs halloumi cut into chips

Sunflower oil

1 fat-free natural yogurt

Spicentice gourmet chip seasoning to add flavour


  1. In a bowl, mix the flour, Spicentice gourmet chip seasoning and lightly coat the halloumi.
  1. Add the oil to a deep, wide and heavy-based pan. Wait until the heat starts to sizzle.
  1. Add the few pieces of halloumi and wait for it to turn golden and crispy all over. Once done, transfer it to a piece of kitchen paper and do the same with all the halloumi you’ve prepared.
  1. Sprinkle some salt on your fries, toss to coat and divide them into paper cones. Season it with the yogurt and ready to serve!

Tip: Aside from our gourmet chip seasoning, you can also try the Spicentice Salt & Pepper Chicken & Chips seasoning. Also, if you want it spicier, then you can add some chilli over the fries, be sure to be cautious on how much chilli you use.

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