The Best Tagliatelle Recipe

The Best Tagliatelle Recipe

Tuck into a comforting bowl of tagliatelle for an easy family meal any time of the week. This ribbon-style and long pasta suits thick sauces especially with cream and bacon. It’s a quick recipe to make and is tasty for your kids!

Prep Time

30 Minutes





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A traditional type of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy, tagliatelle is famous for a variety of recipes. This long and thin ribbons of pasta are being sold in curled nests or straight like the spaghetti. It is often plain or green and is available dried or fresh. For a more comfortable bowl with a twist add wild mushrooms and cream.

This quick and creamy tagliatelle recipe lets you create a very delicious courgette with pancetta and cream. It’s a lovely, light and fresh pasta dish that is made for everyone. Don’t forget to add the bacon bits for extra flavours and great taste.


Shopping List

1 tsp olive oil

150g pancetta or bacon bits

4 courgettes

1 garlic clove

A handful of grated parmesan

1 tub of low-fat crème Fraiche

300g tagliatelle

Spicentice Italian Seasoning

Preparing the Tagliatelle

Check the pack instructions and follow them accordingly. Scoop out a cup of the cooking water and drain the remaining water with tagliatelle and set it aside.


  1. Get a large frying pan and heat the olive oil on it. Sizzle the bacon or the pancetta for 5 minutes until it is all crispy. Turn up the heat and add the courgettes.
  1. Cook it for 5 minutes more or until it is softened. Add the garlic and wait for it to be brown.
  1. Season it and add the Spicentice Italian Seasoning.
  1. Over low heat, add the tagliatelle on the other ingredients and mix it with the crème and fraiche.
  1. Add the parmesan and the remaining pasta water.
  1. Season it and taste. Adjust according to your preferences.
  1. Serve it in a bowl.

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