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World Explorer Gift Box


Travel the world with this exclusive World Explorer Gift Box and cook up exciting and delicious meals from around the world.

Enjoy recipes inspired by different countries from the streets of Persia to tasty treats from Greece, Turkey, Spain, USA and many more.

A perfect gift for those who loves to eat healthy, exciting meals cooked within 30-40 minutes.  

This gift box comes with 10 Recipe kits nicely packaged with a lovely gift tag.  Each kit serves four and comes with a step-by-step recipe card and handy shopping list.

Perfectly adaptable recipes for veggies and vegans.

World Explorer Gift Box includes 10 kits:

  • 1 x Chinese Chicken Curry
  • 1 x Japanese inspired Katsu Curry
  • 1 x Indian Balti
  • 1 x Persian Kofta
  • 1 x Thai Satay
  • 1 x Greek Souvlaki
  • 1 x Cajun Chicken
  • 1 x Turkish Doner Kebab
  • 1 x Mexican Nacho Feast
  • 1 x Italian Meatball 

What's Included?

Chinese Chicken Curry

Enjoy the ultimate comfort food and cook up a tasty Chinese chicken curry.

Japanese Katsu Curry

Experience extraordinary Japanese flavours with our delicious Katsu curry kit.

Indian Balti

Have a balti night and enjoy this curry house classic!

Chicken satay

Tuck into tasty Thai street food with our chicken satay spices.

Persian Kofta

Take your tastebuds on an adventure and marinade minced meat with our special blend of fragrant herbs and spices before grilling or barbecuing to perfection.  

Greek Souvlaki

We're taking you to the Mediterranean with our tasty, healthy and delicious Souvlaki recipe.

Cajun Chicken

With a hint of oregano, thyme, chilli and paprika, you'll enjoy a flavour explosion.

Turkish Doner Kebab

Transport yourself to the busy streets of Turkey and enjoy mouth-watering smells and tastes with this popular street food.

Mexican Nacho Feast

Bring some amazing flavours into your mid-week meals with our delicious Mexican inspired Nacho Style Feast.

Italian Meatball 

Tuck into our new Italian-inspired meatball marinara recipe and enjoy mouthfuls of delicious, meatballs cooked in a rich Italian style marinara sauce.