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Fakeaway Favourites Bundle


37 reviews

Forget a takeaway and cook up your own at home.

Impress friends and family with delicious takeaway favourites cooked within minutes and on a small budget. 

We've chosen 9 of our customer favourite recipes in this bundle which are perfect for midweek and weekend family meals.

Fakeaway Favourites Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Gourmet Chips & Wedges
  • 1 x Gourmet Burger Rub
  • 1 x Chinese Chicken Curry
  • 1 x Tikka Masala
  • 1 x Persian Kofta
  • 1 x Peri Peri Chicken
  • 1 x Jalfrezi
  • 1 x Tikka Sizzler
  • 1 x Balti Curry 

What's Included?

Chinese Chicken Curry

Enjoy the ultimate comfort food and cook up a tasty Chinese chicken curry.

Indian Balti

Have a balti night and enjoy this curry house classic!

Chips & Wedges

The best homemade Chips & Wedges!

Spice up your chips with our delicious Gourmet chip spice kit. 

Persian Kofta

Take your tastebuds on an adventure and marinade minced meat with our special blend of fragrant herbs and spices before grilling or barbecuing to perfection.  

Gourmet Burger

A classic homemade burger recipe.

Cook the ultimate Gourmet burger and enjoy a Friday night fake-away feast.

Chicken Tikka

Known as one of Britain's favourite dishes, this restaurant classic was originally created in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.

Tikka masala

Enjoy this British classic curry made using the perfect combination of spices to add to chicken to make a delicious creamy, tomato curry.

peri peri chicken

Add delicious Portuguese flavours to your dishes with our tasty peri peri seasoning. A delicious mix of savoury and pungent spices, it gives your dishes a real flavour explosion.

chicken jalfrezi

Tuck into this aromatic Bengali dish and enjoy spiced marinated chicken, sautéed with onions, peppers and classic Indian spices.