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The Katsu Curry - A Calorie Comparison

The Katsu Curry - A Calorie Comparison

The Katsu Curry

We thought as its National Katsu Curry Day, we would tell you all about our Fakeaway recipe for this great dish and how it compares to your calorific restaurant favourites.

The Katsu curry has become ever popular over recent years in British chain restaurants with Wagamama’s and Yo-Sushi being 2 of the high street favourites. We’re also seeing independent food retailers cooking up their own versions of the Japanese favourite.

The word ‘Katsu’ is the Japanese term used for the fried ingredients, but did you know it was us British who bought the idea of curry to Japan in the first place, even though curry’s origin is Indian? No wonder the whole world loves curry!

We imagine this dish as something to enjoy as a mid-week treat, maybe as part of a night out with friends or before a trip to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster, but what if we could also enjoy it at home?

We wanted to see if the Katsu dish could indeed be part of our weekly meal plans without having to save calories up from earlier that day or the next day and stay on track & on plan with our healthy eating regime.

Wagamama’s Katsu & Rice

This meal comes in at over 1000 calories. We’re really quite shocked by this.

There are no sides or drinks as part of this meal, just breaded chicken, rice and Katsu sauce.

That’s almost half your daily calorie intake and it makes a fairly large dent in your pocket too at £10.95 per portion (At our local Nottingham branch, other branches may vary).

Total calories = 1134

The website also highlights an ‘eat me with’ section that suggests Gyoza (224 calories per portion) or Banana fritters (275 calories per portion)

They do offer a ‘Vegatsu’ vegan version which we think is great.

The Spicentice Katsu Curry

What would you say if we told you that our Katsu chicken recipe, with rice, that is under half the calories of our comparison competitor?

Well we did!

Total Calories = 510

If you know anything about us, you’ll know that we’ve developed our recipes so they include all the flavour of our competitors, using our unique spice blends.

What we do differently other than adding our secret spices, is not adding the high fat, high calorie base ingredients that others do. This means these recipes can be enjoyed as part of your normal daily routine, without breaking the calorie bank or even having to leave the house if you don’t want to.

You could eat these at home on a Wednesday, save some for work on a Monday or even eat it for breakfast on a Saturday if you feel like it (we won’t tell anyone, we promise)

Imagine the cheesecake you could still enjoy as well, and you STILL wouldn’t hit the calorie intake of the high street restaurant curry.

You can order your favourite spices online today by clicking here. Try them out, we promise they’ll brighten up your week

Let us know by clicking here if you would like to see more of these types of comparison articles. We guarantee you’re going to want to save these blogs & our spices, for those days you REALLY want to dig into those fast food favourites. If you find yourself having mid-week cravings, remember, there are no rules to say Fakeaways are just for the weekend!


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