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FREE UK Tracked Delivery when you spend £20
FREE UK Tracked Delivery when you spend £20


 To all our customers,

We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are a Certified BRC Double AA Grade Food Manufacturing Site which means that our Food Safety Quality & our Good Manufacturing Practices are of the highest standards. 

We think our products are pretty self-explanatory and easy to use, but you might find the following FAQs useful before you try. If you want to know something we haven’t covered here then please just ask – we always love to hear from you. To get in touch just click here

Q: Are your recipe kits and rubs suitable for those on a weight loss or fitness journey?

Yes, they are as all of our meal kits and rubs are made with 100% pure herbs and spices.  Each kit includes its own recipe and a shopping list which can be adapted with healthy alternatives. Our kits are adaptable for meat, fish or vegetables, and we suggest you always serve plenty of fresh vegetables or salad on the side.

Customers following Weight Watchers, Slimming World or other healthy eating plans tell us our kits and rubs add real flavour to meal times with flexible recipes.

Q: Where do I add a discount code?

Please add your discount code at checkout. Click on order summary at checkout and pop your code in the box.

Q: Can my discount code be applied later?

Sorry the discount code has to be applied at checkout only and cannot be changed/amended once the order has gone through.

Please note: Only one discount code can be used at any one time on any one order.

Q: Will my order fit through the letterbox?

Depending on what you buy, your order may come in a letterbox friendly box or a small-medium brown box which will NOT fit through the letterbox. In this case  someone will need to be in to receive the parcel/or it can be left in a safe place.

If you are not in, then Royal Mail normally leave a card for your parcel to be collected from your local post office. On the odd occasion that they may forget, please try calling your local post office first before contacting us, just in case!

Q: How quickly will I receive my order?

We aim to process orders as soon as possible however there may be slight delays during busy times.

Other Delivery Information

All our Royal Mail deliveries are tracked.

Either in a:

a: Envelope/large letter if small order with a long Royal Mail number, which can fit through your letterbox. (Tracking will update upon delivery).

b: Parcel - if large order which will include a Royal Mail number. Please ensure somebody is around on the day of delivery for the parcel.  

Q: Do you deliver outside of the UK? Is there a customs charge?

Yes we do. We have competitive rates for all our international customers. All taxes and shipping charges are collected at checkout.

AUSTRALIA, we can accept orders for all our recipe kits and rubs however unfortunately due to the Australian customs regulations, we are unable to ship chillies.

Q: In the event of a promotion for a Free spice kit, how do I know whether my Free Kit has been added to my order?

Your Free Kit will be added automatically to your order by our dispatch team but will not show up on your checkout basket or confirmation email.

Q: Are your products meal-prep friendly?

Yes, all our products are easy to use and the preparation is quick to make your cooking process easy and enjoyable.

Q: Do your products contain nuts?

No (and they are produced in an entirely nut and sesame- free production factory.

However please note: The 'Mayan Spiced Chocolate' used in our 'Chilli Con Carne' kit is produced in a separate factory that handles and stores nuts.  So as a precautionary measure, the 'Mayan Spiced Chocolate' in the Chilli Con Carne kit states that it may contain nuts.

Q: Are your products Gluten Free?

We do not physically add gluten to our spice blends, however, whilst our spice blends only contain 100% pure herbs and spices we cannot guarantee a 100% gluten free status due to agricultural crop rotation by our supplier farmers. This is out of our control. 

We are confident in our suppliers and have a fully risk assessed and robust supply chain whereby the risk of cross- contamination is effectively managed.

We are also confident in our own manufacturing production processes and controls as we do not use or store Gluten within our manufacturing site. We  also have stringent controls in place to prevent any cross - contamination.  

In addition, we are also a Nut, and Sesame seed free environment and are a certified BRC site, with the highest level of award in good manufacturing and process controls to effectively manage any cross contamination. 

Please note: Some of our spice kits will have a shopping list which may list a gluten item to be added, so please replace with a gluten free substitute in this case

Q: Why do I have different sachets in each meal kit

Traditional cooking is all about creating and building layers of taste and texture. This is achieved at different stages of the cooking process, which is why we have created individual sachets of expertly blended, (and whole) herbs and spices in each meal kit.

Ready-made sauces and quick fix spice mixes are all very well but authentic recipes never add all the ingredients at once, so neither do we!

Q: Why should I buy your recipe kits and rubs instead of another brand?

Of course, there are lots of great products out there, but we believe ours are perfect if you love to cook real food with authentic flavours. We leave a little bit of the creative flair to you (so you can take the cooking praise), with easy to follow recipes and the guarantee of a delicious meal every time.  

We also genuinely care about sourcing the best ingredients for you and only select AA-Grade herbs and spices from trusted suppliers.

Q: Do you have a shop?

Unfortunately we do not have a shop however, if you would like to see us in a farm shop, deli, butcher or green grocers near you, please contact us at hello@spicentice.com

Q: Can I freeze your recipe kits?

You cannot freeze the kits themselves but you can freeze the finished dishes (subject to the freezing/storage and reheating advice supplied by your freezer manufacturer of course).

Q: How many people does one kit serve?

All our kits are designed for up to four people. Of course, if cooking for less than four, you can save or freeze the leftovers for another delicious day!

Our Rubs/Seasonings can provide more than 4 servings as it depends on the amount used per serving.

Q: Can I divide the recipe kit ingredients to cook the recipe on two occasions?

All our recipes have been carefully designed, blended and measured to guarantee a perfect result when cooked up as one meal. It’s best to cook according to our recipe instructions for four people, then freeze the leftovers for another time.

Q: How do your rubs work?

Whether you want to jazz up your meatballs with a sprinkle of 'Italian Rub', create the ultimate tandoori dish at home, impress the neighbours with your barbecue skills or go for a full-blown Moroccan Tagine (to name but a few ideas), there's a rub to help you 'make it' every time! Perfect for marinades, basting, soups and sauces, indoor and outdoor grilling, BBQs, roasting, stuffing and (of course) rubbing meat, fish and veggies.

As with everything we make, we promise NO additives, NO preservatives, NO colouring and NO waste with all our rubs.

Q: How should I store the recipe kits and rubs?

We always recommend that any product with freshly-blended herbs and spices is kept in a dark, cool cupboard and used before the best before date. That way you keep in all the flavour until you need it next.

Q: Are your products organic?

At present they are not but they are very carefully sourced from A-Grade growers known to us, and of the highest quality. We are BRC Double Grade AA - Accredited which means our sourcing and production methods are to the highest global food standards.

Q: Are your products suitable for vegans?

Absolutely, we have some fantastic recipes for vegans and vegetarians like Chick Pea Curry, Aloo Gobi, Bombay Potatoes and Pilau Rice. New Vegan dishes include: Shepherd's Pie, Enchiladas and Sri Lankan curry. 

In fact, all our recipes are technically vegetarian as all meat and fish dishes can be easily adapted using your preferred vegetarian or vegan ingredients.

Q: Are your products suitable for pregnant women?

We think it's fine to eat our recipes when pregnant (being extra careful that meat and fish are cooked thoroughly) - Our curries could even give you a helping hand when close to labour! If in any doubt always check with your own doctor first as our specialist subject is cooking, not delivering babies!

Q: Where are your products made?

We're very proud that all our recipe kits, spice blends and rubs are freshly blended, measured and packed right here in the UK in our family production kitchens. We then dispatch them to you direct from our Leicester HQ.  We source ingredients for these from around the world, only from AA-Grade, trusted suppliers.

Q: Promotional activity

In the event of any promotions being run on our website, only one discount will qualify for any one order.


Since the items are classed as  “Food and are Perishable” we cannot offer a refund or a replacement once the order is dispatched. 

Q: What happens if my order arrives damaged or faulty?

We aim to satisfy all our customers. In the unlikely event that your product(s) arrive in a damaged/faulty condition please take a photo of the damaged/ faulty item ensuring that the batch code BBE is visible. Please email us at hello@spicentice.com and return your faulty / damaged item to:

Spicentice, PO BOX 7950, Leicester, LE4 7WY

We will then aim to replace the product for you.

Always get in touch with us in the first instance because we can usually sort out your problem over the phone, or by email if you send us a photograph of damaged products.

To get in touch just click here