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Vegan & Vegetarian Spices

Vegan meals made easy!

Cook delicious plant-based meals that everyone will love. Perfect for midweek dinners, entertaining vegan friends and tucking into a vegan feast at the weekend.


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Looking for Vegan spices?

Looking for Vegan spices?

Take your vegan meals to the next level and cook delicious vegan meals with our range of plant-based recipe kits.   Choose delicious flavours from around the world with our easy recipe kits. Made up of specially blended spices and easy recipe cards, simply throw in a few fresh ingredients for amazing vegan meals.

Take the hassle out of cooking vegan meals as we’ve done the hard work for you. The correct spices have been measured out and blended together to drop into the cooking process at specific times. Enjoy guaranteed results and impress friends and family!

Bring your vegan recipes to life!

We take the quality of our spice blends seriously and each spice is sourced from reputable suppliers who produce only the highest quality spices. We then hand blend in small batches and seal them in sachets to retain their freshness and fragrance. Our kits include easy recipe cards to cook up flavourful vegan meals in a convenient way. 

All our kits are hassle free as we’ve used different, spices from around the world which have been selected for quality, aroma and flavour. The secret in the blend is mixing the right quantity with the right spice which we’ve done for you. The different spices are selected for their taste and aroma before being added to other spices to make the perfect blend.

Each dish is full of flavour, easy to make and includes fragrant spices to delicately flavour your meals and bring them to life!

How many vegan recipes do you sell?

With over 30 plus vegan recipes in the range, the choice is endless. Get inspired with authentic and popular recipes from around the world. Plan your weekly meals, use store cupboard ingredients and a few fresh items to cook inspirational meals. Enjoy clean recipes with no added preservatives.

How many vegetarian recipes do you have?

All our Spicentice recipes are technically vegetarian and vegan as they have all been approved by the Vegan Society however, we do have a specific range dedicated to vegans and vegetarians. These include delicious fragrant curries from India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. To add to this tasty range, we’ve also included family favourite recipes from Mexico, Morocco with a British classic recipe of Vegan Shepherd’s Pie.

Other Spicentice recipes have vegan substitute ingredients suggested within the instructions on the back of each pack so that you can enjoy popular world flavours cooked in a vegan and vegetarian way!


Looking for vegan gifts?

We’ve got perfect vegan gifts. Approved by the Vegan Society, all our kits offer quality and assurance. The highest-grade spices have been used to make the spice blends and offer your meals authenticity and lots of full of flavour. Enjoy restaurant quality meals at home and choose this pant-based box of goodness. Vegan Delights Gift Box

Vegan Delight Gift Box includes 6 Recipe kits - Each Kit contains 4 portions so 2 portions for the whole box. Enjoy Bombay Potatoes, Aloo Gobi, Sri Lankan Curry, Shepherd’s Pie, Enchiladas and Chickpea curry. Bring your meals to life with this tasty plant based vegan meals.

1x Vegan Enchiladas - Enjoy a mouth-watering fiesta of flavour with this Mexican inspired recipe. A delicious mix of spiced beans and vegetables wrapped in soft corn tortillas and topped with cheese, it's extremely tasty and filling too.

1x Vegan Shepherd's Pie - Are you missing this family favourite? We've got the perfect answer with this delicious plant based wholesome dish of chickpeas and lentils, cooked with our special blend of herbs and spices and topped with creamy sweet potato mash

1x Vegan Sri Lankan Curry - Enjoy this delicately flavoured, creamy curry, cooked with fresh vegetables and the perfect blend of spices. A delicious meal to serve with hot steaming rice, it offers the ultimate Sri Lankan experience.  This dish looks, smells and tastes amazing.

1 x Chickpea Curry - Cook up a tasty vegetarian feast with this tasty chickpea recipe. Full of flavour and one the whole family can enjoy, this Indian staple is a dish loved by many.

Serve with...cooked rice, warm naan bread, or enjoy as an accompaniment with other delicious Spicentice curries.

1 x Bombay Potatoes - Enjoy delicious flavours from the Gujarat with this Indian household staple.

Bombay potatoes are packed full of aromatic and fragrant spices to make a tasty curry or side dish. Follow the easy-to follow recipe and cook within 30 minutes.

Perfect for those on a weight-loss journey or low-calorie diet. Best served with warm naan bread, cooked rice and chicken curry. A perfect family meal with a medium spice heat rating.

1 x Aloo Gobi - Straight from the Gujarat in India, this delicious Aloo Gobi recipe is full of flavour.  Delicate spices are blended together with an easy to follow recipe card to cook a delicious, fragrant Indian curry. A staple in every Indian household, this super-tasty and healthy vegetarian dish is perfect for those on a weight loss journey or low-calorie diet.

Add a handful of spinach and turn this meal into the popular 'Saag Aloo', 

Serve with...fragrant fluffy pilau rice and warm naan bread or enjoy as an accompaniment with other delicious Spicentice curries.