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Looking for Indian cooking spices?

At Spicentice, we have a huge range of Indian spice mixes to cook simple, delicious curries that are bursting with flavour. From classic chicken/vegetarian curries like Methi Chicken, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, Bombay Potatoesto traditional family favourites, Coriander Chicken, Aloo Gobi, Keema Karai, Chicken Tikka and many more. Our easy recipe kits include all the spices and instructions you  need to make the most amazing, aromatic, mouth-watering curries at home. Simply add a few fresh ingredients and 30-40 minutes of your time, and you’ll be on your way to curry heaven!

What Indian cooking spices do I need?

You will need a whole array of wonderful Indian spices to cook a decent, authentic curry, but this is where we come In. There’s no need for an extensive Indian spice list or a cupboard full of out-of-date Indian spices as we’ve sourced, measured, and packed every spice in our little handy sachets for all the different curries. Simply drop them in as part of the cooking process with your additional ingredients and you will be on the way to enjoying mouth-watering Indian curries.

What’s the secret behind your recipes?

All our Indian spices are hand sieved, and hand blended by our expert in-house chefs according to specific traditional recipes. This process reflects true traditional Indian cooking methods used by our grandparents many years ago. This precious knowledge has been passed down and is serving us well today. The secret is using both whole and ground spices included in each pack which allows for layers of flavour to be built up during the cooking process and gives the curries their unique flavour.

Do I need to marinate the chicken/meat before cooking?

Yes. This is an important part of traditional Indian cooking and most of our recipes include a marinade sachet. The marinating process will allow the Indian spices to be infused into the chicken/meat and will help to create layers of flavour.

Where do Indian spices come from?

We source only the highest quality spices from all over the world. Each supplier is thoroughly checked to meet all food grade standards. Our in-house team check the spices for their quality, distinct colour, taste, and aroma. We then mix the Indian curry spices to the correct quantities to create the perfect spice mix for each individual curry.

Are Indian spices good for you?

Indian spices have been known for their health benefits and spices such as turmeric, is known for its healing and antiseptic properties. Our whole range of Indian spices are unique and play a key part for every dish.

Do you do an Indian spice gift set?


If you love a good curry or know someone who does, we have the perfect ‘Indian Gift Box’  and ‘Indian curry night in’ gift bundle to give to a loved one. Made up 8 popular, bestselling recipe kits, these gifts are perfect for mid-week curry delights, for Friday night curry feasts, or for hosting the ultimate curry night dinner party! The opportunities are endless.  

Enjoy a Friday night curry?

If you love a Friday night curry, look no further as our Indian spices make the most amazing, gourmet curries quickly and on a budget. Cook within 30-40 minutes and share with friends and family for an amazing Indian curry night experience. Our Indian curry night in bundle includes all your favourites for an Indian feast!  

Coriander Chicken curry

This fragrant, aromatic curry is the first dish that Spicentice launched from Ketan’s dad recipe which was passed down from generations. This unique curry was the first dish that we launched. This aromatic, authentic chicken curry is medium spiced curry which is cooked in an onion and tomato-based sauce. Our unique blend of aromatic whole and ground spices are added throughout the cooking process at different stages, releasing their essential oils and creating layers of flavour.
Coriander Chicken is a firm family favourite with its aromatic and medium spiced flavour - it's tasty, healthy, and filling.
Serve with steamed rice, fragrant pilau rice or fluffy warm naan bread for a traditional curry experience.


Tikka Masala

The nation's favourite British classic curry is made using the perfect combination of spices to add to chicken for a delicious creamy, mild, tomato-based curry.
Tikka masala is a tasty feast which is loved by the whole family. Delicious served with pilau rice, warm fluffy naan bread and crispy poppadums. Add a cheeky mango chutney on the side for extra indulgence!
Why not make this delicious tikka masala dish suitable for vegetarians/vegans by using firm tofu/soya pieces and a cream alternative?


Tandoori Chicken

This aromatic recipe originates from northern India. Now known as a ‘British restaurant classic,’ tandoori chicken gains its popularity from the aromatic array of spices which are added to a yogurt marinade and then used to coat the chicken/lamb before being grilled, roasted or barbecued. Also great as a vegetarian substitute with soya chunks/paneer, this recipe is perfect for both indoor and outdoor grilling. Traditionally bell-shaped tandoor ovens were set into the earth and fired up to 900 degrees. Your neighbours might prefer you to use a grill!
Best served on a bed of salad with lemon wedges, couscous or Pilau rice.


This mild, creamy Korma curry has its roots in the Mughlai cuisine of Northern India. The combination of delicate spices with a hint of chilli and the smooth texture is what makes this dish so popular.
We have blended the perfect spice combination that you simply add to chicken or vegetables before simmering in a creamy yogurt sauce. Enjoy this super easy and pleasurable mild curry using our Korma spice mix.
Serve with steamed rice, fragrant pilau rice or fluffy warm naan bread for an aromatic Korma curry experience.

Rogan Josh

This aromatic dish, brought to India by the Moghuls, is a popular dish with a medium spice level.
This rich onion and tomato-based Rogan josh is cooked with chunks of lamb/chicken and will melt in your mouth. Try it Serve with pilau rice, naan bread and raita.
Josh’ means hot or passionate…we’ve only added a little heat, honest!


This ‘Birmingham’ 1980’s invention has now become one of Britain’s well-loved dishes. The word ‘balti’ refers to the wok type pan that the curry is cooked in. This tasty and simple to cook chicken curry is a family favourite and full of delicious flavours. Cook in 30 minutes serve with rice and naan for the ultimate curry experience!


Tuck into this aromatic Bengali dish and enjoy spiced marinated chicken, sautéed with onions, peppers and classic Indian spices. Our unique blend of high-quality Jalfrezi spices keep this dish authentic and full of flavour, while still being healthy and perfect for fitness buffs. It’s a great spicy Friday night feast!
Serve with steamed rice and warm naan bread to enjoy a classic Jalfrezi curry dish from the days of the British Raj. Enjoy this dish as a vegetarian/vegan option by simply substituting the ingredients.
For an extra fiery touch, why not add a few more chillies?

Goan Prawn Curry

This delicious creamy coconut based curry is a best seller! You may be thinking how, well by substituting the coconut milk with a low fat option, this aromatic, fragrant dish is perfect whatever plan you’re following. Our special ingredient in this dish is, ‘ajwain’, these whole seeds release their flavour during the cooking process giving this dish a delicate and unique flavour. Ready in 30 minutes, enjoy Goan Prawn curry served with...steamed rice, fragrant pilau rice or fluffy warm naan bread.

Chickpea Curry

This tasty vegetarian staple dish is full of nutrition and flavour. Suitable for vegans too, this dish packs a punch for whole family! Simple to make with store cupboard ingredients and ready in minutes, it’s a must for every type of diet!
Serve with...cooked rice, warm naan bread, or enjoy as an accompaniment with other delicious Spicentice curries.

Chicken Tikka

Known as one of Britain's favourite dishes, this restaurant classic was originally created in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, where the Moghuls tucked into a succulent chicken, marinaded in an aromatic spiced yoghurt. A serious contender for indoor and outdoor grilling, and perfect for those on a weight loss journey.

Keema Karai

Keema means minced meat and ‘karai’ means cooking pot. There’s no better way to enjoy minced meat than with our Keema Karai recipe. Full of flavour and pungent spices, this one always surprises on every level. Medium spiced and made in a rich, tomato and onion-based sauce, this low fat Indian curry can be served with warm fluffy naan bread and pilau rice. Go veggie and cook it with soya mince, equally as tasty!

The hotter, the better!!

If you like a hot curry, give our NEW World’s Hottest Curries a go! They won’t disappoint. Made with the hottest chillies on record, our Vindaloo, Phaal and Carolina Reaper Curries are delicious and fiery! Ready in 30-40 minutes and great for those on a weight loss journey.
Time to feel the burn!

Are the Indian curries good for weight loss?

All our curries are enjoyed by Weight Watchers and Slimming World members who substitute some of the ingredients in the recipe with low fat options. We don’t add any sugar or salt in our Indian curry spice blends which makes them suitable for those on a weight loss journey.