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Add a kick to your favourite dishes with this pot of Sweet Ancho Chilli. With over 3,000 on the scoville scale, you'll experience a sharp but sweet tingle on your tastebuds.

Enjoy this Mexican chilli, which has an earthy, sweet and mild heat, perfect for adding depth of flavour without being too hot. Use in chilli, salsa and stews for a subtle spicy flavour.

Ingredient: 100% Pure Ancho Chilli

Did you know our Ancho Chili Powder is:

  •  Made of 100% pure Ancho Chilies 
  •  Gluten Free Spices
  •  Sugar & Salt Free
  •  Slimming Club Friendly
  •  Low Calorie
  •  Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
  •  Adds variety to your meals

Serve with...soups, stews, pasta sauces or alternatively sprinkle, rub or marinade into your favourite dishes.

DISCLAIMER : In the event of the shortage in supply of the Ancho Chilli Powder, please note that we will replace with Ancho Chilli Flakes at the same declared weight of 55g e. This is the same product but the Ancho chilli will be in a physical form of flakes and not in a ground powder format.



If you're on a weight loss journey or enjoy working out, try these delicious spices which are Gluten Free, Vegan friendly and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These Ancho chillies will create super healthy, low calorie dishes; perfect for those on a slimming club / weight loss journey.

It is the perfect chilli powder that is not too hot but packs enough weight loss benefits while keeping your meals warm and interesting.

Our Ancho chillies are mild with a bit of heat. They are perfect for adding a bit of a burn to your meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Simply sprinkle or chop a small amount to your favourite dishes to create amazing flavours with a sweet fiery kick.

If you like your meat with some heat to it, our unique chilli powder will get the job done for you. It is specially blended and packs with the famed weight loss benefits of alkaloid and capsaicin. It not only makes for a great addition to your recipe but also the perfect weight loss partner.

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