Get set for Uni and grab a Student Survival Pack ready for the start of term!

We've got the freshest spices for “Freshers Week”

Our founder & boss Ketan got the idea for SpiceNtice when he was at university & his lovely mum used to send him little packets of spice mixes & a recipe in the post to ensure he was eating properly.

What a great idea mum!

Now with SpiceNtice Student Survival Pack you can do the same easily for your own son or daughter who is going off to uni soon.

Make sure they continue to eat proper, great tasting, healthy food by setting them up with our handy Student Survival Pack!

These delicious fake-away meals are quick and easy to make with simple store cupboard ingredients, and are great value for money.

The Student Survival Pack includes these 8 easy to make kits:

1 x Chips & Wedges
1 x Gourmet Burger Rub
1 x Chinese Chicken Curry
1 x Fajita kit
1 x Turkish Doner Kebab
1 x Chickpea Curry
1 x Southern Style Chicken
1 x Peri Peri Chicken


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