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World's Hottest Curry Collection Gift Box

Take the hot curry challenge with this ultimate collection of extreme curry recipe kits. 

Made with the World’s hottest chillies, these 3 curries are delicious but not for the faint hearted!

Perfect for hot heads, chilli lovers and for those who like it HOT, HOT, HOT!!


Eat and handle with caution, For Adults Use Only. Keep Away from Children.


Enjoy a long lasting burn with great flavours of a classic Indian curry.

This Gift box includes:

1 x Carolina Reaper Curry Kit – the scariest of them all – made with the World Hottest Chilli - Carolina Reaper Chilli measures a staggering 1.5 million scoville units.

1 x Phaal Curry Kit – our second on the list – made with the Naga Ghost Chilli which also deals a spicy blow as they measure 750,000 scoville untis.

1 x Vindaloo Curry Kit – the tamest of the trio and the British hot heads favourite, made with fiery Habanero Chillies, that sit at 350,000 on the scoville scale.

Perfect for..
1) A hot night in
2) Gift for a chilli lover or hot head.
3) Fiery Secret Santa Gift

World's hottest curries are:

✔️ Easy to make

✔️ Vegan Friendly

✔️ No Added Gluten

✔️ Each kit comes with a recipe card, shopping list and safety instructions!

Recipe & Shopping List

Each Recipe kit comes with a simple to follow recipe card, shopping list and safety instructions!

Ingredients & Nutrition


Nutritional Information

Please see individual pack for nutritional information

Vindaloo Curry Kit made with Habanero Chilli
Carolina Reaper Curry Kit
Phaal Curry Kit - Made with Naga Ghost Chilli


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