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The Best Tarka Dal Recipe

The Best Tarka Dal Recipe

Enjoy a whole new healthy dish with this excellent tarka dal recipe. This is a specialty of North Indian cuisine that translates as lentil tempering (dal = lentil, tadka = tempering). It’s creamy, rich in flavours and comes with some great spices, especially with our added curry kit. Mixed with the other ingredients of this recipe and you'll enjoy a truly delicious meal.

Tarka Dal

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  1. Add the chana dal and 900ml of water into a pan on a high heat. Stir it well and wait for it to boil. Skim the froth that forms on the surface of the water.
  1. Cover the pan and reduce the heat, then wait for it to simmer. Stir regularly for about 30 minutes until the chana dal is tender. Make sure to add more water if necessary.
  1. When the chana dal is cooked, then you can remove the pan from the heat and break it down with a whisk. Set the mixture aside to cool and thicken.
  1. Mix in the Spicentice curry kit and add the cumin seeds.
  1. Blend the garlic and tomatoes and add it to the pan. Make sure to stir well.
  1. Add the other spices and season to taste. Simmer it over the medium heat for 20 minutes and wait for the oil to rise from the sauce.
  1. Add the cooked chana dal and bring it to the mixture and boil.
  1. Don’t forget to add fresh coriander before serving.

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