The Best Bombay Potato Recipe

The Best Bombay Potato Recipe

An utterly fragrant dish that will take you back to India. Made with 100% pure herbs and spices, our Bombay potato curry seasoning mix is made for vegan and vegetarian meals, it’s even perfect for those who are on their weight loss journey. Our kits are full of flavours with fragrant and rich spices that you’ll never forget to be added on your favourite potatoes. You’ll never see those potatoes the same way again!

Prep Time

40 Minutes






Crispy on the outside, totally fluffy on the inside, the richly spiced potatoes that bring out the best Indian flavours! It’s a perfect side dish that you can add to any of your favourite meals. Whether it is for a dinner party or just a meal with your partner, you’ll love to prepare a quick and easy dish, especially this Bombay potatoes! It’s perfect for korma or even curry.

They look appetizing, and these little beauties are fluffy and can melt inside your tongue. The crispy outer layer makes it even more delicious and just perfect with sriracha-spiked ketchup! However, the best part on this is that it comes with our ultimate spices blended with pure herbs and ingredients that you’ll ever love! 

Bombay Potatoes

Shopping List


Peel the potatoes and cut into small cubes.  Wash and boil until they are partially cooked, then drain.  Chop the tomatoes.

Cooking the dish

  1. Heat the oil/low-calorie spray in a large nonstick saucepan over medium heat. Add contents of Bombay Potato Curry sachet 1 and fry the seeds for a few seconds.
  1. Then the potatoes and stir with the spices, sprinkle over Bombay Potato Curry Seasoning Mix sachet 2 and half a tsp of salt.
  1. Add 100ml of cold water, stir well and add the chopped tomatoes.
  1. Cook with the lid on for 15 mins or until the potatoes are cooked.
  1. Check the seasoning before serving with fresh coriander.

Our Source of Ingredients

Here at Spicentice, we care about the needs of all our customers, and so we only use the best quality of herbs available by our global and trusted suppliers on the market. We want you to enjoy loads of flavour and all the health benefits that come with it! There is no turning back with 100% pure herbs and spices on each of our kits.

Why Choose Spicentice?

Bombay potatoes are excellent with Pilau Rice and Naan bread, or this traditional Gujarati recipe makes a tasty dish.  It is said that 'the potato, like a man, was not meant to live alone' - so introduce your potatoes to our spices for a match made in heaven! We’ve created this Bombay potato kit to be easy to use and comes with pre-blended herbs and spices that will complete your dish. Additionally, we’ve got more list of kits you can check out!

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