Far East / Asian Spices and Seasoning

Bring the taste of the Far East to your dining room table, with Asian spices that you can use in your kitchen to recreate takeaway classics.

Make your favourite oriental meals, bringing home the exciting taste of Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian foods. Our meal kits come with everything you need to add flavour, whether you’re cooking with meat or preparing vegetarian curries.

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Looking for delicious Far Eastern recipes?

Cook the most amazing far eastern recipes with this fabulous collection of easy to make recipe kits. Experience delicious flavours of Thailand, China, Malaysia and Japan and tuck into fresh and fragrant curries and aromatically spiced dishes.

All our recipes are quick and easy, with minimal prep and quick cooking times. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and throw in a few fresh ingredients! Perfect for mid-week or weekend treats, serve these recipes up with jasmine rice and prawn crackers for the ultimate far east experience. Enjoy with family and friends as each recipe serves four. They’re great for vegans, and if you’re on a weight loss journey, these are perfect as the recipes are loaded with veggies!

Enjoy delicate creamy flavours of Thai Green curryor Thai Red curry. Tuck into a fragrant and rich Massaman curry. If you like Katsu curry, this recipe is for you as its easy to cook and full of flavour.  Our delicately spiced Malaysian Rendang curryis very popular and perfect for impressing friends and family! Chinese Chicken curry is quick and easy and can be cooked in 30 minutes, great for delicious midweek family meals.

Choose from our tasty starter recipes likeChicken Satay or Chinese Spare ribs, perfect for grilling or barbecuing. Our Chinese Salt & Pepper chicken recipe is loved by the whole family and if you like fiery flavours, why not wok fry our Firecracker Chicken? Spicy and full of oriental flavours!

What’s the secret behind your recipes?

At Spicentice, we source our ingredients from the highest-grade suppliers to ensure the best quality of spices for our recipes. Each spice is selected carefully by our in-house chefs for quality, taste, aroma and texture. Our team then hand sieve, hand blend and check each blend through a machine before being packed into user friendly sachets. Each recipe is tested by our taste panel to ensure maximum flavour and authenticity

What cooking spices do I need?

You will need a whole host of spices to cook these delicious Asian recipes however to avoid buying lots of different whole and ground spices for the individual dishes, we have done the hard work for you. We have sourced, measured, and packed all the whole and ground spices into little handy sachets to be used during the cooking process for each of our recipes. The ground spices include chilli, cumin, turmeric, Chinese five spice which hare sourced for their aroma, taste and texture. Whole spices like kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass sticks, galangal, star anise and many others are visually checked before being blended into our specific recipes to create depth and layers of flavour.


How do I cook the recipes?

Just follow the easy step by step instructions, add your own fresh ingredients and drop in our pre-blended spices into the cooking process. Some of the Thai recipes require you to make a paste using some of the ingredients however the techniques have been simplified to create quick, easy, and tasty recipes. Cook the recipes in the oven, on the hob or bbq. Alternatively try cooking the Thai curries in a slow cooker for a delicious creamy curry. Cooking times may vary from recipe to recipe but generally they are easy, quick and budget friendly.

Where do Far Eastern spices come from?

We source only the highest quality spices from all over the world. Each supplier is thoroughly checked to meet all food grade standards. Our in-house team check the spices for their quality, distinct colour, taste, and aroma. We then mix the Indian curry spices to the correct quantities to create the perfect spice mix for each individual curry.

Are spices good for you?

Spices in general have been known for their health benefits and are used widely in Asian recipes for centuries. Spices such as turmeric which is used in many of our recipes is known for its healing and antiseptic properties. Our whole range of spices are unique and play a key part to every dish.

Do you do a Far East spice gift sets

We sell amazing gift bundles to give to your loved one. Our Pick n Mix favourites bundle allows you to pick your favourite far east recipes. Why not also try our World Explorer Gift Set for a variety of 10 delicious spice kits with some far east recipes that include: